YEAR: 2018 DIMS: 160x234mm​​​​​​​ PAGES: 228 PAPERS: Store Enso Lux Cream 80g/mp & Arctiv Volum Ivory 115g/mp & Arctiv Volum Ivory 250g/mp COVER: Ilustration by  George Roșu COVER COLORS: Pantone 2346, Pantone 3507, Pantone 2126
DoR is a non-profit media organisation that helps a progressive audience connect and understand each other and what they can do to tackle the problems of modern-day Romania. DoR does this through narrative storytelling, aiming to create a feeling of belonging and to spotlight solutions.
The team currently publishes DoR, an award-winning narrative nonfiction quarterly (print) magazine, in its ninth year of publication; a number of podcasts; and organises a number of successful events, including live journalism shows.
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