Cover and article about “Degradări termice ireversibile”, my bachelor's degree project.
The project was chosen to be on the cover of the 26th issue of the magazine. Furthermore, the magazine included an interview taken by Andreea Roman, in which we made a summary of the eight months of research and production.
YEAR: 2016 DIMS: 160x234mm​​​​​​​ PAGES: 208 PAPERS: Munken Lynx 90g/mp & Olin Smooth High White 300g/mp COVER: Photography from project "Degradări termice ireversibile

DoR is a non-profit media organisation that helps a progressive audience connect and understand each other and what they can do to tackle the problems of modern-day Romania. DoR does this through narrative storytelling, aiming to create a feeling of belonging and to spotlight solutions.
The team currently publishes DoR, an award-winning narrative nonfiction quarterly (print) magazine, in its ninth year of publication; a number of podcasts; and organises a number of successful events, including live journalism shows.
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